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Perfect Day

A talking animal musebox game.

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Name:Perfect Day: The Wonderful World of Beatrix Potter
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Image by Tamzin.

The rain has moved on and left a new day.
Nothing seems to move. Everything is still.
It's just a perfect day.

Beyond that hill and down the road is a quaint little stretch of country called Brakbre. There is a town, a forest, and rolling hills speckled with ponds and farms. A perfect slice of paradise...unless you are an animal. Then it is an unforgiving wildscape with danger and adventure waiting around every tree.

Perfect Day is a slow-paced, no-app AU Musebox Game inspired by the works of Beatrix Potter (the author and artist behind Peter Rabbit) where you can all play cute animals in little clothes having tea parties and killing each other. Feel free to either create OCs or AU your existing OCs and favorite canon muses right into the setting. As is the nature of musebox games, there may be multiples of a character scurrying around! It wouldn't be too odd to find two rabbits named Blackberry after all.

On the wild and misty hillside,
fear is nature's warning.
Hunger here is never far away.


Direct any concerns to [personal profile] wolfintheattic.

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